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I've successfully used for non based canvas HTML 5 application, but after some research I've no doubt it should word correctly with canvas.

I have previously tried PhoneGap for non-canvas games, but I had some issues when it comes to performance: the game was slow in some devices, and perfectly fine in some others.

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To add a couple more to the  list:


CocoonJS is extremely easy to use, has an accelerated native canvas, native box2d, and built in APIs for various phone features.   They also have APIs for monetization and social networks and provide some analytics as well.   The downsides are that it is a commercial offering, and at some point they may start charging for their service.   Also, building requires uploading to their site and waiting for it to complete, which in my experience usually takes less than 5 minutes.


I've never tried it, but Amazon also has their solution, though I'm not sure if they give you an APK, and it probably won't work for Google Play.   It may just take a zip file (like CooconJS) and provide  mechanism for testing it and submitting it to their app store.   Here is a recent blog post about it from their app store developer blog.

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