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Sprite.body - behavior


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Hello, comunity and Richard.


When I create my player, I use the follows code:


creature = game.add.sprite(-500, -500, 'hero', 2, group);game.physics.enable(creature, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);creature.body.gravity.y = 500;creature.scale.set(xFactor, yFactor);creature.body.offset.x = creature.body.width - creature.body.width * 0.8;creature.body.width = creature.body.width * 0.8;

After creature.scale.set() phaser immedeately change creature.width, but doesn't change creature.body.width.

Then I change my creature.body.width to needed value, but after first update() run phaser set creature.body.width to updated creature.width. How I understood, it's because phaser update physics after each update() iteration.



Is it normal behavior?


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