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Scoring engine


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Hi guys and girls,

I am creating a  2d sim tower type game and have a question relating to points and scoring engine.



 bedroom will generate 2 people

 entertainment room will consume 2 people for entertainment and one for work

 work will consume 2 people for work


I am look for some help in generating a algorithm which identifies if I have enough people for entertainment/work.   Any help appreciated.


At the moment i have:

 Required bedroom=  (entertainment+work )-people;

 Required work = (people/2)- work

 Required entertainment = (people/2)- entertainment 




Thank you guys,


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How about plus and minus?

var availablePeople = 0;

When a room is created:

availablePeople += 2;

You can give each room a requirement of necessary free/available people to be created. Bedrooms have 0 as requirement for example.

And then a room can generate/consume people.

function OnCreation() {    availablePeople += this.peopleGenerated;}function OnDestruction() {    availablePeople -= this.peopleGenerated;}

It's consumed if peopleGenerated is negative.



If you have different pools of people to consume, create different variables. Treat it like resources, mana or gold.

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