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animation won't always play


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hi :)


I have in my game a function that add and play an animation evrey time a new question appears. 


        this.door_open.alpha = 1;
        this.door_close.alpha = 0;
            console.log("door is open!");
I don't know why, but the animation happens evrey time I call the function, however sometimes the sprite won't update. 
any idea?
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You have to add the animation only once, then you can play whenever you want. Do this inside the state create method.

// add the animation once in the create methodcreate: {  this.door_open.animations.add('run').onComplete.add(function(){    console.log("door is open!");  },this);},// call play each timeplayAnimOpen:function(){  this.bringDoorToTop();  this.door_open.alpha = 1;  this.door_close.alpha = 0;  this.door_open.animations.play('run', 20,false);},
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