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Need help with games (JS/HTML5/phpBB3) for an avatar community, I can help you with art in return.


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Hi, I am the head pixel artist of a forum based avatar community. The current staff has been with the website for over 5 years, but we've only recently purchased the website from its previous owners, which took a big bite out of our budget. Since we purchased the website and transferred servers it has seen a 3 month down time. We are just now getting the site back in routine. Now we want to improve it by installing games and other good stuff. We have two coders on our team, but they are currently unable to work on games. 


We have a currency on our website, gold, which you can spend on items for your avatar. Gold is earned by posting on the forums. But we want the games to grant gold too, according to the scores reached playing them. The only problem is that we do not know how to implement that in the code. The games will be set up in Javascript/html5 and the integration in the website would be done in phpBB3. 


We do have some eager people on the team who are trying to learn how to code, and they have managed to fix a couple of problems already. They just aren't advanced enough for this specific task. It would be great if we could get an experience coder to help them with the issue, so that we can be self-sufficient in the future. 



Because we do not have funds to pay coders in money, I am offering my services as a type of trade. The problem is that I am a fulltime student + part time job. So I do not have too much time to spare. 


I'm a CG artist, and I do both digital painting and pixel art. Most of all I am an animation student, but since animation takes so much time, it is not something I would do for free. But it is of course worth noting, I could at least make some simple animations.

I work with Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and I've worked with Flash and TVpaint.


You can see some of my work here: http://anhoilan.imgur.com/all/ I like to experiment with different techniques and try new stuff too. As you can see my pixel work is not the typical pixel art style used for games, but I can adapt to new styles pretty easily. I would like to use this collaboration as a way to expand my portfolio.

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