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Real-Time WebApp should use Sockets?


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Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm a web developer and game developer.


I am building a collaborative real-time tool to organize your brainstorming into mindmaps, with other various functionality. The key here is the real-time collaboration. More info here :Phttp://vintauri.io/a-shiny-new-mind-map-app-for-your-cognitive-dumps/


I've read around on this forum a little to gain an idea of what it would take. It's not a game, but you guys have the best grasp on real-time network experience. What tools do you think would be the best way to go?


Right now I'm thinking socket.io to a node.js server, with p2p when possible.


What do you all recommend?



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More information:


Data syncronization will be an issue. If one person creates a graph node, and someone deletes it's parent, then there will be a race condition to the server and out of sync issues. I'm thinking of implementing an inversion of each command and then letting the server relay the command, and the clients inverse, merge and redo.


This will get really complex once I implement p2p sockets.


Any thoughts on this?


Also, should I use pubnub for scalability?

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