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Controlling specific Bones


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Hello guys!


I've recently been playing around with Babylon, and having a blast!


One feature that I'm interested if it exists is controlling specific bones in an armature.


I'm guessing that when you export a armature to babylon, it just turns into a "normal" mesh with a animation and such.


Controlling specific bones would be awesome to "interpolate" between two different animations, as well as controlling foot motion, etc etc.




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Hi josh, welcome to the forum :)


One feature that I'm interested if it exists is controlling specific bones in an armature.


You might want to take a look at this effort of mine:


Desk and Book


There are two rigs - one for the book and one for the desk


In the case of the desk, each drawer and door is assigned to a specific bone in the rig (by appropriate weight painting). I then created an animation which has all the drawers/doors open or closed. Clicking on a drawer/door just drives the animation for the bone associated with that door/drawer.


More details on this forum here:


The Desk - an experiment with animation 2


Feel free to download and hack into my files.


Hope they are of help.


cheers, gryff :)

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Thanks for that, I'll have fun looking into your code, as well as this will be VERY useful to make a player do two things at once, aka run while swinging a sword. Awesome!


However, what I'm needing is editing a bone's rotation in real-time, in-game. Example of why:


Player is standing still > play animation_stand

Player clicks "w" > play animation_walk

Player let's go of "w" > play animation_stand


The problem with this is that it creates a jerky-movement when you switch from walking to standing. This is ugly.

What someone could do is have another function that interpolates the current rot/loc/scale to the next animation, frame-by-frame.


Thus having a pre-built animation would be impossible. :D

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