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onComplete function of chained tweens triggers after the first tween is completed


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Try naming your tweens and attaching handlers to the desired tween.


Here is some super psuedocode


var up      = tween

var down = tween


down.onComplete.add(function () {})




There is an example of doing exactly this here in a little quick multiplayer game prototype I was developing in ES6 a few months ago:




lines 37 - 60


Hope this helps.



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well.. this works ! it starts the onComplete function i want at the end of the second tween..    but...    there's always a but..   the function is triggered twice..  once for every tween in the row...  this _lastChild method solved the problem with the tween starting after the first part of the tween .. but this seems to be another problem... :(

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ok... because adding onComplete on chained tweens sucks ;-)   (it either adds the function to the first tween in the chain instead of the last and/or adds it to both or something else i don't understand

i used the second approach  steve kane proposed..


this works like charm and is actually a very beautiful solution for my case.. 


so this is the code that works :

    var ascent = game.add.tween(body.sprite.scale).to({x:max,y:max}, upTime, Phaser.Easing.Sinusoidal.Out)    var descent = game.add.tween(body.sprite.scale).to({x:originalScale,y:originalScale}, downTime, Phaser.Easing.Sinusoidal.In)    descent.onComplete.add(function(){     checkHitLandig(body);  });    ascent.chain(descent).start();

thx again..


do you think this is a bug?

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