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setText doesn't allow empty strings


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I wrote an edit box in Phaser which is working perfectly apart from one detail.

When I try to delete existing text and enter a new string, it cannot delete the first character.


After some poking around I found it is due to this code being carried over into Phaser:

PIXI.Text.prototype.setText = function(text){this.text = text.toString() || ' ';this.dirty = true;};

When I delete the last character in a string then try to assign the now empty string to the Text.text field, it is being replaced with a space.


Apparently this was to prevent a PIXI crash when an empty string was encountered... but maybe that's been fixed now?  Is there a reason why I shouldn't try to fix this by using '' instead of ' '?  Empty strings are normally quite acceptable, but perhaps there's something deeper inside which I haven't spotted yet.


I've already changed Phaser and it seems stable with the change, but as Phaser likes to mimic PIXI when functions are duplicated/similar I probably can't get that into the main branch without a similar change to PIXI.

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I had to move back to paying work for a while so I haven't tested it thoroughly... The changes (to both Phaser and PIXI) didn't have any obvious ill consequences and they did fix the problem with the unwanted space.  I'd need to see a bug report for the original PIXI crash to be completely certain though.

My change was to simply remove the space from the single quotes in both pieces of duplicated code.

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