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Image as reflection?


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I see, thanks! One question before I go down this road: does using an image result in faster performance than a group of meshes? I presume so because each mesh has to be calculated vs. simply using a single image, but I wanted to see if any benchmarks have been made of this. Is it worth the trouble?



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Running into troubles with this. I have made my skybox in Blender and exported to six jpeg files. Babylon is correctly loading the files, but instead of rendering a reflection, the texture is coming out totally black.


My code is as follows:

 var floorMaterial:BABYLON.StandardMaterial = (<BABYLON.StandardMaterial>this.scene.getMaterialByName("garage.Concrete_Floor.001")); floorMaterial.reflectionTexture=new BABYLON.CubeTexture("skybox/skybox", this.scene);

What am I missing?

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Something like this:

var floorMaterial:BABYLON.StandardMaterial = (<BABYLON.StandardMaterial>this.scene.getMaterialByName("garage.Concrete_Floor.001"));var cubeTex:BABYLON.CubeTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("/models/garage/skybox/skybox", this.scene);floorMaterial.reflectionTexture = cubeTex;floorMaterial.reflectionTexture.level = 0.175;
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