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hi :)


When starting a new state, All spites, images, etc' loaded in prev state are removed from stage? 


I have a 'game' state , in which I load some sprites, and then when I press a btn I start a new state. Until here it's all fine.


the problem is when I start 'game' state again. All loaded stuff from before are still there.. 


in the prload of 'game', I load a pack according to level in game. then I press a btn that takes me to a level screen in game (another state). There I can choose any level to play. When I for example start a new level (so I call 'game' state again) I still see the sprites laoded in level 1.


help?  :blink:



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This is something that requires you to destroy all the game elements and upon restarting that state again you create the game again. There are a few ways to achieve this with proper destruction and creation.

Some elements may not need destroyed at all depending on what your game is and does etc but you do need to destroy then recreate on loading the state again.

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