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Sprite + spritesheet display bugs


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Once upon a time there was a knight. fjWFQhz.png He sits happy. Then every so often something bad happens. 1Kcb1HH.png


So. This is my problem. Every so often, for half of a frame the sprite/its children seem to shift down by one pixel. As you can see, the knight is missing a line off the top of his head, and the line below him is either A) a line from the head of the sprite below him , or B) the missing line at the top. The rats are in the second one to show that it dosn't happen to every sprite at once, just a sprite and its children.


I can pretty much guarantee that its not B, because if that were the case then the hpBar would have a thicker bottom line, but the file ends there, so there's nothing below it to grab.


It dosn't happen quite that often, but It does get noticeable when there are a couple dozen moving entities. JUL in chat noted that it was due to disabling anti-aliasing when initializing the phaser game, I figured I'd just post it and see if anyone had found a not-too-hacky solution to this.


I'm usings 2.0.5 (because everything moves at a snails pace in 2.1.1 when too many things are on the screen) but it's been doing this since 1.1.5

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