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Could use advice for a quiz game


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Hey there,


I'm building a series of games to teach young kids music, and am admittedly not the greatest programmer in the world. I have figured out what I would like to do for the first of these games, and would love some guidance! Bear in mind, I'm just seeking guidance on backend functionality for now, the "game" part to make it fun will come later.


The first game will show a rhythm (jpeg image), and will play a sound (stored as both mp3 & ogg, all examples input via <audio>). The student will select "Yes" or "No" to identify if what they heard was the rhythm written.


So in the HTML document I plan to have all of the images linked within a <div> titled "images," each with a unique ID - K_1_i (kindergarten, question 1, image), 3_5_i (grade 3, question 5, image) et cetera.


I'll then have its associated audio (using the <audio> tag) in another <div>, titled "audio," using a similar ID schema - K_1_a (kingergarten, question 1, audio), 5_2_a, and so on.


So inputting those shouldn't be an issue, now is where I could use some guidance.


Within the JS document I plan to make a function which calls K_1_i, associates it with K_1_a, and I will have to make something for K_1_r (response) to know whether the correct answer is "true" or "false."


Then I will have to be able to store all of the questions, per grade, and have them be pulled randomly so it's not the same quiz every time. I'll also have to find a way to score them at the end.


I would also like to be able to have the student select how many questions they'd like at the start, as well as what difficulty (should be easy enough to just switch between whatever array is storing based on the "K" level versus the "5" level that I'm determining with my ID system).


Sorry if this is a jumble of thoughts! I would love any kind of advice you guys can give =) Thanks!

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