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Rift / Babylon debugging


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New Rift, DK2.  It does show the SDK's Oculus World example - no issue.  Windows 8.1, IE 11.  OculusVR Driver installed.  But nothing comes up in the display for the Rift demos.


Have tried:

- restarting machine

- restarting Oculus service

- reinstalling driver

- updating Rift display mode from 'Direct HMD Access from Apps'  to 'Extend Desktop to the HMD'

- got a Rift debug log => no odd error messages

- debugging using the IE developer tools to make sure the Oculus code is being called in the (heart) demos..


At a loss now.  What's the right next place to check to figure out root cause?



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Gotcha - had seen that in a previous thread, but understood that the tracking wouldn't work, but the basic viz might.  E.g., demonstrating just enough that I could see if I could do anything to assist and/or if it was worth (from an Oculus exploration perspective) working up a Babylon.js interaction. 


Will watch the GitHub and see where things go - thanks for the response!

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Last touched C++ too many moons ago...  But if you post it, perhaps someone with a DK2 + more C++ can assist!  (And when my turn at the Rift comes back around in another 4 or 5 weeks in our geek toy sharing club at work, if the code has posted, I will at least see if there's any magic left after years of corruption by other development stacks...)  

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