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ThreeJS weird .js model exported


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Hi to all :)

I started diving in Threejs to build something cool while learning the 3D stuff.

Actually i have a big problem.I saw a couple of demo of car games made with ThreeJS, and as i like them i downloaded some ".js" models, but when i try to import in my work i just can't or they are displaying pretty missplaced, so i started to make with Blender a car.

I installed the exporter/importer from GitHub and exported the car but he became pretty large! 5MB of ".js" it's abnormal as i have a raw model withou even textures


this is  the model download from the internet

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hIhXgTGrY_Z0piLVRlYzVRVlE/edit?usp=sharing 50KB


and this is the model i made

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hIhXgTGrY_ODZqQzZXYzdkV090eTV4T0RLcWE1MTE3dmdB/edit?usp=sharing 5MB


what is wrong with my model compared to the downloaded one?

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I don't know without looking at the blender file itself, but having used it before I know it's easy to overcomplicate a model unnecessarily if you don't quite know what you're doing. You're car has a lot more vertices than the example one. This could be because the two models are on different scales? Perhaps your car is scaled much larger, physically, in blender but also has a similar amount of detail? Maybe you just applied subsurf a couple too many times :)


I can't promise I'll know what's up (definitely not an expert!), but if you upload your blender file I can have a look.

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