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Best way to Dynamically draw Geometric Shape


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I have currently developing a tile-based puzzle game.

I need to draw block/cell dynamically (the width/height and x/y count can change),


What is the best way to achieve this?

From what I have tried, rectangle class only used for debugging, and rendering debug.geom always draw it on top of everything.


Another way I can imagine is creating a sprite for block, and draw it in loop, but I still don't know how to achieve this, since there doesnt seem any way to override rendering method of a sprite.



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Yes, using Graphics will reduce performance as they have to be redrawn every frame. BitmapData on the other hand is much faster as it's just a texture, the same as using a loaded image. The only performance hit you'll take from using BitmapData is that it's not totally straightforward to use BitmapData to create a texture atlas (which will improve performance greatly if using lots of sprites and webGL) but that's not an insurmountable problem by any means.

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