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hi :)


I'm trying to take a screenshot of my canvas and adding it (as an image) to my game.


actually, I have in my game an image in the corner that keep chenging according to what I have in the canvas (like a picture of the canvas that update everytime something change in it)


I thought of checking everytime for a change, and if there is one to take a screenshot of canvas and adding it as an image.


I tried with  "game.canvas.toDataURL();" but all I got is a black image.




thanks :)

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You need to either render your canvas using a canvasrenderer instance or to preserve the drawing buffer for webgl.

However taking snaphots of a canvas whenever something is changing will drop your games performance and probably makes it unplayable for some people.


Why are you taking those snapshots? Maybe there is a more performant way to solve your issue.

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