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Sprite added to Group won't show up. Example Code Included


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Hey guys, 

I've been fighting with this for a few hours. 


I looked at all the examples on how to build a game with groups and add sprites to them.

The examples work great but my code doesn't.


The difference between my code and the examples is mine uses State classes. 


this.game.state.add('Boot',Boot); etc 


I have attached example code. The top game is using the example code and works great. The bottom one when you scroll shows a black canvas with no sprites. 


I have no idea why! 


Would appreciate the help as I am pretty new to phaser. but can't seem to find anything wrong with what i'm doing. 




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This is because you add the group in the boot state. Changing a state destroys display object, as a result your group too (there is a chance i may be wrong with this).


Add this in your create function of MainMenu state instead of boot and it will work :


  this.game.mainStage = this.game.add.group(); 



Extending the game object with no reason i don't think it's a good idea. Better use something like this.mainStage to make mainStage a property of MainMenu object.

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