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Tilesprite vs Many Sprites


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Howdy all


Whats the best way, performance wise, to dynamically create rows of bricks....


I have a spritesheet for "bricks" in my game world.

Each brick/frame is 100x50. I've got 8 different bricks right now, so thats an 800x50 image.

I load it in as a spritesheet, and define it as 100 x 50. All good:

this.load.spritesheet('bricks', 'assets/images/bricks.png', 100, 50);

Method 1 - using Tilesprites

When I want to create a big row of bricks, say 6 bricks (600px long), I use a Tilesprite, set its size as 600 x 50, and choose a frame (brick) I want and its all good:

positionX = 100;positionY = 200;length = 600;    //can change the length as neededheight = 50;    //usually 50 to match spritesheetkey = 'bricks';frame = 3;     //spritesheet has 8 different bricks so I can use anything from 0 to 7var rowOfBricks = this.game.add.tileSprite(positionX, positionY, length, height, key, frame);

Method 2 - use normal Sprites

The alternative would be to have a method that takes the length argument and loops around X times to create X sprites and positions them appropriately.

eg length 600 = 6 sprites of 100 length each.



So with the context set..... what is the best practice here with regard to performance?


For example, I have a border of bricks around each level.

Method 1 = 4 Tilesprites (top,bottom, left,right).

Method 2 = For my default level size, would be 30 sprites.

On the face of it, 30 sprites seems less efficient than 4 Tilesprites.


I'm currently using Tilesprites and it seems to working quite conveniently.

Should I be concerned about using a large number of Tilesprites, say 10 to 20 in a single level?


(Note I am getting a weird recurring crash in Firefox, not sure yet if thats Tilesprite related, need to create a test case.)

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I'd say TileSprites would be more efficient for this purpose; certainly in webGL the mechanism for tiling a texture is pretty much 'free' performance-wise, and I imagine the canvas operation is at least slightly less expensive than the overhead of tracking several separate Sprites.

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