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how to block a button press from going through the button to a sprite below


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i have one ingame button that is used to control the game play..  normally you select the sprites (players) by clicking/touching them..  if you click on the button and there is a sprite below you also select the sprite.. i need to block this but i don't know how..


i tried to set a variable "inputBlock" to true on inputOver and to false on inputOut to check against before selecting a sprite but this does not work on mobile..  it blocks everything all the time..







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You need to set input priority for the play button.


Check this : http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=input&f=input+priority.js&t=input%20priority



For example set the play button to have a higher priority (instead of the default 0 ):




oke thx..  this (above) would definitely be the best way to do this IF my sprites (the ones i don't want to be selected when pressing the button) would be inputEnabled..


in my case i rely on hitTest()  to get the objects under the mouse/finger  so this is not working..


i tried


but for some reason this blocks everything on a mobile device - so i tried:

 switchfocusbutton.onInputDown.add(function(){inputBlock=true;}); switchfocusbutton.onInputUp.add(function(){inputBlock=false;});   

which works!   i now can check against inputBlock before selecting a sprite and that's it ...    :)

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