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Text height + cocoonjs - a nice workaround based on the pixijs source code


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So, like many others, I was stumbled with the question of how to measure text height inside cocoonjs, since text height measurement in pixijs is done with the help of DOM elements, which is not possible in CocoonJS.
My solution is simple enough - pre-populate the heightCache with the different sizes of each fonts you use. pixijs checks to see if you already tried to pull the height of a specific font style, so it doesn't need to recreate DOM elements, by keeping a heightCache array in PIXI.Text.
So, by utilizing the already existing code within pixijs and some simple JS code, you can generate a JS code to pre-populate this cache:
<html><body><div id="cache"></div><script>    var fontStyle = "font: ##px Tahoma;";    var startFontSize = 5;    var endFontSize = 10;	    for (var i=startFontSize;i<endFontSize;i++) {        var body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];        var dummy = document.createElement('div');        var dummyText = document.createTextNode('M');        dummy.appendChild(dummyText);        dummy.setAttribute('style', fontStyle.replace("##", i) + ';position:absolute;top:0;left:0;');        body.appendChild(dummy);        result = dummy.offsetHeight;        document.getElementById("cache").innerHTML += "PIXI.Text.heightCache['" + fontStyle.replace("##", i) + "'] = " + result + ";<br/>";		        body.removeChild(dummy);    }</script></body></html>

it will generate:

PIXI.Text.heightCache['font: 5px Tahoma;'] = 6;PIXI.Text.heightCache['font: 6px Tahoma;'] = 7;PIXI.Text.heightCache['font: 7px Tahoma;'] = 8;PIXI.Text.heightCache['font: 8px Tahoma;'] = 10;PIXI.Text.heightCache['font: 9px Tahoma;'] = 11;

Just load it before using any text in pixijs, and you're set (as long as you use the sizes that are pre-populated).


I know it bloats the code a little, but it's better than not having text height in cocoonjs (2.3k for sizes 5-50)

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I see. IMO this would be better done and more visible in a standalone library like "CocoonJS patches" instead of adding something to pixi.js... or perhaps not.


Videlais, I like your concept. Doesn't have to be CocoonJS specific though, just something that checks the height without using the DOM.

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