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Hello All, 

I am a beginner to phaser.io so I'm sorry if these questions sound silly.

I have gone through the entire http://phaser.io/getting-started-js.php , but no where does it say which files do I need on my wamp to get started working on a game. Do I need the entire phaser-master folder in my wamp? Or is there a single .min.js file that I need which lets me start off? Sorry if there is too little information in my query, feel free to ask whatever I am missing.


Thank You!

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Hey thanks for replying, I should have updated this saying I figured it out :P


Although I have been playing around with the engine a bit and I had a question,

From my short experience and understanding of the engine, it is good to make small flash like games and would not be easy to make rpg style games. Am I right in my assumption or terribly wrong? 


I say so because if I'm not wrong, this engine works mainly based on states, so whenever a state is change (example in an rpg when entering a room), everything has to be set up from scratch even the player and physics etc, there is no class that I can just call to create the player and all its properties. Am I correct or am I missing something?

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Nothing holds you back to create a RPG game with phaser. There are already many different types of game created with Phaser, including rpgs.

The states are referring to the whole game. For example, The main menu and the game should be different states.

They are used for better grouping of your code and easier memory clean up , since when you change a state every sprite gets destroyed (this is how they work by default).

But nobody is forcing you to use states.


About the player class :


 There is no specific class you must use to create a player entity and i don't think there is a need to.

 A player will be a sprite. You can extend the sprite object and set it to meet your needs for the player creation.

Phaser is javascript and not a strict game maker. You can create all the "classes" you want.

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