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Where can I find (docs) valid values for tweenPrb.repeat(2); etc..

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Hello & Thanks;


I need some help with my first project:

.body(function() {


game.createScene('Main', {
backgroundColor: 0xb9bec7,

init: function() {
// game.system.width(480);
// game.system.height(640);
var pandaBlk = new game.Sprite('pandaBlk.png').center().addTo(this.stage);
pandaBlk.visible = true;
pandaBlk.position.set(1, 20);

//var pandaOrg = new game.Sprite('pandaOrg.png').center().addTo(this.stage);
// pandaOrg.position.set(1, 150);
// pandaOrg.visible = true;
//var tweenPrb = new game.Tween(pandaBlk.position);
//{x:200}, 1000);
// tweenPrb.repeat(2);
// tweenPrb.yoyo();
// pandaBlk.scale.set(-1,1);
// tweenPrb.start();



Everything in // (comments), doesn't work. 

What I want to happen is for 

pandaBlk.png  and  pandaOrg.png(starts out as invisible)

to traverse from left to  right  and  back to starting point.

When pandaBlk returns to starting point, it becomes invisible

And then pandaOrg becomes visible  and  traverses from left to  right  and  back to starting point.

Then pandaOrg  becomes  invisible  and  pandaBlk  becomes visible  and  continues transversing. 

Eventually, there will be a  Shooter  to target only pandaOrg . 

Eventually, there will be three more sets of Blk/Org creatures.


Things I need to know are:

Where can I find (docs) valid values for:?

//{x:200}, 1000);

//      tweenPrb.repeat(2);

//      tweenPrb.yoyo();

//      pandaBlk.scale.set(-1,1);

//      tweenPrb.start();


Where does  game.system.width(480);  belong ? 



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Hi vm,


The canvas size should be placed in the config.js file like so:

pandaConfig = {    name: 'MyPandaGame',    version: '0.0.0',    system: {        width: 600,        height: 460,    },};

Your tween runs fine over here. I do notice that you are mixing up some stuff:

var tweenPrb = new game.Tween(pandaBlk.position);{x:200}, 1000);       tweenPrb.repeat(2);       tweenPrb.yoyo();       pandaBlk.scale.set(-1,1); //THIS ISN'T TWEEN CODE!       tweenPrb.start();

I just added various tween examples for the panda fiddler. I will upload them tonight so you can have a look at them. 

Tween demo is now available at:

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