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[P2] Is player on ground; onBeginContact & End not sufficient


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I have added events to my player with onBeginContact and onEndContact. They fire off fine, but it is possible for the player to get stuck at certain points. I have even added a timer to make sure the player is still considered onGround if he should be in a tiny jump of skips over an uneven surface:

new function() {        function colStart(bodyB, shapeA, shapeB, contactEquations) {            groundTimer.removeAll();            groundTimer.stop();            player.astronaut.isOnGround = true;            player.astronaut.canJump = true;        }        function colEnd(bodyB, shapeA, shapeB) {            function onTimeOut() {                player.astronaut.isOnGround = false;                player.astronaut.canJump = false;            };                groundTimer.removeAll();                groundTimer.add(750, onTimeOut, this);                groundTimer.start();                        }        player.astronaut.sprite.body.onBeginContact.add(colStart, this);        player.astronaut.sprite.body.onEndContact.add(colEnd, this);    }();

A simplified version with just setting canJump & onGround to true/false on "onBeginContact" / "onEndContact" doesn't work any better.


He get's stuck, so at some point the onEndContact must fire after the onBeginContact, or the onBeginContact doesn't fire at all.


How would I fix this? It's game-breaking to have my character become stuck.


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Thanks, but I can't seem to get this function to report true when they touch. By doing "player.astronaut.sprite.body.data.overlaps(planets[0].sprite.body)" it doesn't fail, but it just gives false each time. Without the ".data" the method gives an exception.


If it would work, it seems like it could be the best solution indeed.


I am using Phaser version 2.1.0 by the way

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i don't quite get what it is that you want.. i assume you just want a reliable check if the player is on ground or not..  if so - this is your method:


(it takes a phaser p2 body and returns true on ground)

function touchingDown(someone) {    var yAxis = p2.vec2.fromValues(0, 1);    var result = false;    for (var i = 0; i < game.physics.p2.world.narrowphase.contactEquations.length; i++) {        var c = game.physics.p2.world.narrowphase.contactEquations[i];        if (c.bodyA === someone.data || c.bodyB === someone.data)        {            var d = p2.vec2.dot(c.normalA, yAxis); // Normal dot Y-axis            if (c.bodyA === someone.data) d *= -1;            if (d > 0.5) result = true;        }    } return result;}
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