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Difference between Blender and Babylon renders II


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Hi Gentlemen.


Again any differences between Babylon.js and Blender. Let me explain and observe especially the spot lights...


I have a scene with this render in Blender v 2.71 :




And this render in Babylon.js v1.13 :





All is good, I see my third lamp even if I don't see the hado of lights like in Blender (Why ??)... 


But if I add a spot lamp, like this render in Blender ;




I have this render in Babylon :





We can see that the fourth spot lamp "delete" or "mask" the third spot lamp... And their names are all different of course...


Any idea?


Thanks :)  





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We can see that the fourth spot lamp "delete" or "mask" the third spot lamp.


Zino, there is a limit of 4 lights per mesh. See this thread:


Lights per Mesh


So if you have 4 spots and a Hemi - one gets ignored.


You can include or exclude meshes - for each light.


See discussion on the other thread and this Playground demo:


Include/Exclude Lights


The sphere in the centre only receives blue light


cheers, gryff :)

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