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counting mouse clicks, creating duplicate/similar sprites


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      I am trying to to use the code from an example for dragging sprites to let me count the number of times a sprite has been clicked. I want to place sprites on the screen that will serve as buttons that will tell the stage to addChild new Sprites. I have been able to place a button and cause that button being pressed to generate one new sprite, but now I want to generate more exactly like it. And I am not sure how to do this. Also, I am not sure if placing the logic to create a new sprite inside the mousedown function curly braces is the best way to be creating the first sprite to begin with. See my code snippet below for an example. 


addResistor.mousedown = addResistor.touchstart = function(data)
    // stop the default event...
    // store a reference to the data
    // The reason for this is because of multitouch
    // we want to track the movement of this particular touch
    this.data = data;
    this.alpha = 0.9;
    this.dragging = true;
addResistor is the sprite that serves as the button and resistor is the sprite that gets added. I had thought of using a counter variable declared outside the curly braces and passed in, but this doesn't seem to work. I am open to creating a slightly different resistor each time by addChilding one labeled R1 for the first push, and R2 for the second push if creating duplicate Sprites is not possible/ too difficult. 
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