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[Profit-Share] Indie studio looking for character and props modellers

Jake Moses

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Hello to all
Jake from Venomous PIXEL here! We're working on a Sci-fi JRPG for smartphones with the intention of releasing a demo some time around late November and then start our Kickstarter campaign.

The profits would be shared equally between the team members depending on the type of job each member has. The team is small but we've accomplished a lot in a few months and the demo is halfway through ready.

I'm currently the only 3D modeller and animator of the team and if we found someone else who could work on the models, my work load would be halfed and we could get much more done in less time.

The style of the game is inspired by super deformed manga genre with flat colors and hand painted cell-shading.

What's left to do towards a fully working demo is:
- 2 scenes along with their props
- 8 generic characters
- rearrange a previously built level

If anyone is interested, please PM, email or skype me at
email::[email protected] game writer
skype: jake.moses8

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