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Trouble with timer onComplete


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I'm trying to use a custom timer to "blink" an item on screen and then destroy it. The actual blinking is fine, but I can't seem to destroy it. 


The timer fires as soon as the sprite collides with the ground. Here is the code for the timer:

function diamondDecay(diamond){	// We need to blink the diamond every 50ms for 2 seconds	// That means it will blink 40 times	blinkTimer = game.time.create(true);	blinkTimer.repeat(50, 40, itemBlink, this, diamond);	blinkTimer.onComplete.add(removeDiamond, diamond);	blinkTimer.start();}

diamondDecay is the function called on collision with diamond just being the sprite itself. The repeat of the timer executes the appropriate number of times, then when trying to call removeDiamond(which expects a sprite and calls .kill()), the game halts and I get an undefined is not a function error from inside removeDiamond.


I tried outputting what removeDiamond is receiving and it seems that it is being passed the timer object rather than 'diamond' like I specified. 


Any ideas?

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Just wanted to update this thread saying that I found a solution to my problem, but not through timers.


To create the blinking effect, what I ended up having to do is create a 2 frame spritesheet of the diamond where the second frame was blank and add an animation. When the diamond collides with a platform, it begins this animation and kills the sprite when the animation finishes. Here is what the code looks like:

function update() {        //....	game.physics.arcade.collide(diamonds, platforms, diamondDecay, null, this);        //....}function diamondDecay(diamond){			if ( !diamond.animations.getAnimation('blink').isPlaying ) {		diamond.animations.getAnimation('blink').play(15, false, true);	}	}// This is called elsewhere in update under certain conditionsfunction spawnDiamonds() {	//....	diamond.animations.add('blink', [0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0], 15, false);	//....}

That said, I'm not really a fan of how this works and it is a bit hack-ish. Anyone who has suggestions of other or betters ways to do this, I'm all ears.

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