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Found 4 results

  1. Shahid

    Feature Request

    Instead of having 30 days , it is better to have unlimited days and limited projects
  2. Requesting someone to extend InstancedMesh to allow multiple instances of a mesh to be attached to multiple different skeleton's bones. Though this service request is listed as unpaid, I will gladly pay the kind, gratious developer in reddit silver, and may, on occasion, say nice things about them for a short period of time.Sometimes.
  3. digitsensitive

    center text on screen

    Hello there! I am not sure if there is already a function to center a text (f.e. BitmapText)? If not, this might be helpful. The function could be quite simple I guess (not tested): getCenterX: function () { return sys.canvas.width / 2 - / 2 } EDIT (28.04.2018): Just saw that there is a getCenter() function in the GetBounds component. Maybe BitmapText could extend GetBounds too?
  4. One of the killer new features in WebGL2 is the "sampler2DArray" uniform type. Apparently, we can use it to: This would be a game changer for a project I'm working on, as it uses a shader which needs many textures as uniforms and we're hitting the limit regularly. Any thoughts on implementing this feature?