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Found 2 results

  1. Hersir

    PBR and Light Maps

    Hi, Have somebody managed to use light maps with PBR materials? Meshes have UV2 for light map and they reuse 1 lightmapTexture , but somehow it works only for Standard materials, and not PBR, if I remove PBR shadows appear. material.lightmapTexture = // Texture material.lightmapTexture.coordinatesIndex = 1; material.useLightmapAsShadowmap = true; Is that by design? Or I am doing something wrong? Thank you.
  2. Yo @Deltakosh can you possibly add support in the shader/material system to use both Lightmaps (as shadowmap) and ambient occlusion ... Currently the toolkit ONLY allow light map creation if the material DOES NOT have a ambient occlusion texture... If I override and allow both, it completely ignores on some (or appears to ignore) the light map as shadow map or shows it funny. So there seems to be some issue, I don't know if its by design or some webgl limitation or what... But do you think you can add support to use both... I have some really Kool looking scene Survival Shooter Assets from Unity Asset Store that use PBR materials that have a Occlusion Map and also receives shadows (the floor for example has planks that have a occlusion texture but must also render the shadows of the other items in the scene via its light map index)... For now... I have to remove the ambient occlusion from the floor wood planks and the walls so the the received shadows show up (via LightmapTexture as Shadow Map)... It looses a bit of the detail from the original PBR scene without the occlusion for all the little cracks in the planks... PLEASE se what you can do BTW... Check out this shot (without the occlusion in the floor and walls...still looks BEAUTIFUL to me)... Smooth looking shadows with PBR look... check out the to train on the floor... looks like PAINTED WOOD toy train... and its detail placement of the shadow underneath: Check out the little HDR Color as the Emission color PBR materials used for the stars on wall... That is directly rendered using BABYLON.PBRMaterial with a HDR color as the emission channel to give it the glowing look... All OUT-THE-BOX rendering the This is shot of the ORIGINAL Unity Game View of the scene (Obviously our shader/render pipeline a little different than unity default render pipeline... BUT IT LOOKS FREAKING GOOD TO ME compared to the original unity assets used to create scene): Not bad ehh EDIT: FIXED: Babylon Toolkit - Version 3.1.044 (Or Greater) fixes this issue