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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I make my game music in Milkytracker. Tracked music has always been the mainstay for games, with it's 8-bit sound and extremely tiny file size, who can argue. I was wondering what support there is for playing module formats in JavaScript, and experiences anybody has had with these? So far this is what I have found: Chiptune.js - A port based on the libxmp C library. The JavaScript wrapper make it easy to use.The results sound pleasing enough, if unfiltered via post-processing.Supports most module formats.Playback seems best in Chrome based browsers, where Firefox based ones sound more jagged. Then again the Web Audio API only reached the Mozilla base 3 months ago, so fixes Some noise artifacts are present in playback.Also playback stutters when switching away from the tab or minimizing the window (not a major issue if one pauses playback along with the game).Stereo playback needs to be implemented.JSModPlayer - A Javascript .MOD music player. Uses the The Mozilla Audio Data API, which is now is deprecated. - amiga protracker module player for web audio api. Protracker .MOD support only (unsubstantiated) FlodJS - JavaScript Amiga Tracker Player (SoundTracker, ProTracker and lots more formats). Can't seem to get this working, perhaps an oversight on my part. Any experience with these or other players and provide insight? Thanks