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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am creating an game which displays a map where I would like to mark some points (base on these points will be various models placed - it depends on data from backend). These points I am creating in the Blender by Plain Axes empty object. This objects appears also in exported *.babylon file in meshes part of file. So far so good, but problem is that I need somehow mark these points, the Tag feature seems like good choice, but there isn't a Tag field in Blender UI like is for meshes. So my first question is: Do you know any way how to add tags at empty entity? And second one: Do you know any other way how to mark such points? I was thinking about simple small circle but it seems like very ugly workaround for me. I was also thinking about using of entity name as a "tag", this solution seems like candidate for me, but delaing with multiple tags on one object will needs some ugly name/tag conversion. Thank you for help SeagullCZ
  2. If I want to tag some meshes, so I can get them as a group with mesh.getMeshesByTag - what do I have to do? Tried it here, but did not work as expected:
  3. Hi guys, Today I'm trying to get my game running in CocoonJS, the game does work perfectly in a normal desktop and mobile browsers, but I'm getting some errors in CocoonJS. The error says: Javascript Exception (Tag: 'load'): Error: Phaser.Loader. Invalid XML given at e.Loader.xmlLoadComplete(js/min/phaser.min.js:12:9823) at XMLHttpRequest.i.xmlURL._xhr.onload (js/min/phaser.min.js:12:7414) It's my first time using CocoonJS so I have no idea where the error is coming from, but it is coming from Phaser.js itself. Any ideas?