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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, Does anyone have any idea what can cause this?
  2. Hello everyone, I am creating an game which displays a map where I would like to mark some points (base on these points will be various models placed - it depends on data from backend). These points I am creating in the Blender by Plain Axes empty object. This objects appears also in exported *.babylon file in meshes part of file. So far so good, but problem is that I need somehow mark these points, the Tag feature seems like good choice, but there isn't a Tag field in Blender UI like is for meshes. So my first question is: Do you know any way how to add tags at empty entity? And second one: Do you know any other way how to mark such points? I was thinking about simple small circle but it seems like very ugly workaround for me. I was also thinking about using of entity name as a "tag", this solution seems like candidate for me, but delaing with multiple tags on one object will needs some ugly name/tag conversion. Thank you for help SeagullCZ
  3. I noticed that the normal material doesn't behave like other materials in blender ( see : self.textures.append(Texture('bumpTexture', 1.0 / mtex.normal_factor, mtex, mesh, exporter)) ) The normal level is = to 1/lvl , is it a bug or is it required by bjs or blender ?
  4. I'm wondering if there's a way using the blender exporter to add custom attributes to a mesh ? Something very simple so that = bar Thanks !
  5. I think I found a way (actually 2)s to reduce a Blender export file. I noticed normals, UV's, shape keys are always values > -1 and < 1. Even many positions could be in this range. I popped this little piece of code, which if it error-ed would cause my scene to not display: var zeroless = new Float32Array([-.3333,.3709]); Scene did not fail. I will soon be updating the in-line code generator to see it works like: this.setVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind, new Float32Array([-.3333,.3709 ... My question is: are there any platforms, or JSON, where this cannot occur? Blender is shipping up to 4 decimals (stripping trailing), so normals & UV's this a 1/8 reduction for negative numbers with no trailing 0's, and 1/7 for positive. Shapekeys should probably be always 0 to .9999, so 1/7 for them. Speaking of 4 decimals, the second reduction I want to try is changing the test for equality of vertices / normals / UV's. Right now they use ==, but I have made a function for shape key analysis to only test equality to the number of decimals output. I have been slowing adding it in more and more places. def same_vertex(vertA, vertB): if vertA is None or vertB is None: return False return (round(vertA.x, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT) == round(vertB.x, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT) and round(vertA.y, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT) == round(vertB.y, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT) and round(vertA.z, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT) == round(vertB.z, MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT)) This has had more effect so far than you might think. Blender is quad based, so when the exporter makes a temp version as triangles one point might be 16.3456789 and another might be 16.2356794. The point here is not really about space, but smoothness. The stuff being exported just does not look as good as it does in Blender in crease areas. I am thinking it might be some sort of flat-shading effect due to extra verts. Might even add a superSmooth arg on tester, where the test is using 3 decimals, just to see what happens: def same_vertex(vertA, vertB, superSmooth = False): precision = MAX_FLOAT_PRECISION_INT - (1 if superSmooth else 0) if vertA is None or vertB is None: return False return (round(vertA.x, precision) == round(vertB.x, precision) and round(vertA.y, precision) == round(vertB.y, precision) and round(vertA.z, precision) == round(vertB.z, precision))
  6. Hello, If I export a scene containing nested instances of the same mesh/object (a tree of objects linked by a parent/child relashionship), and that I load the scene in BabylonJS, mesh positions are altered. Cases that works: - If I make every objects "single user", then it works fine. - If objects are duplicated but not nested, it works too. In the attachment, a Blender test scene with several layers : - the first is a tree made of duplicated copies (data is not shared between instances). - the second is a tree made of duplicated linked instances (same data shared by several object). - the third one is just a linked duplicate of the same object. The tested version of BabylonJS is 2.2.
  7. Hi, I am trying to export a hollow cylinder mesh from Blender and when I import it into Babylon.js, the cylinder is no longer acts hollow? Does the exporter support hollow meshes? Or is this a bounding box issue? Can I remove the bounding box? Thanks, rolz
  8. Hi There is there any one realize that if you load some .babylon file with multi material mesh , and then add mesh to this scene by import next multi material mesh from another .babylon, second loaded mesh will take material from multi material loaded on beginning. It is happen because of tag: "materialId":"Multimaterial#0" in . babylon file - is there any chance Multimaterial ID will be created as dynamic name in Blender Exporter : maybe number of milliseconds - epoch time , that it will be each time different and at least will be not repeated , or as combine name of sub material : mat1 + mat2 + mat3 => Multi#mat1mat2mat3 by now I must go and edit .babylon files to give them individual names just to no repate it self thank you Python line in Blender Exporter 601 : = "Multimaterial#" + str(len(multiMaterials)) I do not want mess with it as I prefer that it will be done and share with all users BabylonJS