[WIP] - Alpha - The Shifty, Twisty Forest

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Hi All,


We're currently developing a puzzle game called "The Shifty, Twisty Forest" in HTML5 using the Platypus game engine (based on a CreateJS core). Check out the alpha and let us know what you think! For background on the game development, we've been posting game design updates on our blog.




Play the alpha here and feel free to let us know what you think about the idea as a whole or any specific comments you have about game flow and level design. Thanks!

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Whoops, I forgot to post some basic instructions. :unsure:  It's an Alpha, so we didn't spend much time on tutorial features. Start each level by tapping the sheep, and once he's in motion, tap the moveable panels to get the key and make it to the exit.

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Hi @Ousaf,


We developed an engine a few years ago (Platypus) based on CreateJS (before there were any popular HTML5 game frameworks) which provides us with a good jumpstart for creating new games and we're quite familiar with it's workflow. We looked briefly into Phaser at some point, but had specific requirements at the time that Phaser didn't provide. (It's been awhile, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the specifics.)


That said, there's still a little CreateJS in our workflow, but we've been further developing Platypus and moving it to PixiJS and SpringRoll. We chose PixiJS due to its default handling for WebGL with natural fallback to Context2D. We've been impressed with SpringRoll's cross-platform support, compilation tools, and deployment methods, so Platypus now uses SpringRoll as a support framework and is solely focused on game dev and structure rather than cross-platform issues.


The next iteration of Shifty Twisty Forest will likely be built upon this latest version of Platypus.


Thanks for your question!

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