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  1. Hi, I hope you are doing well! It is with joy that I share with you the game GravytX The Gravytoid! (The game should have been released 4 years earlier but due to some technical constraints it was delayed!) Trailer (Click on the image below): About the game: Play as GravytX an alien who has the ability to control objects remotely and manipulate gravity. Travel the universe to save the peoples who are under the domination of the Vodouas (Malicious beings who want to conquer the universe) and bring peace to their Planets. • Here are some surprises that await you on your travels: - Several Planets to discover - Diverse and fun levels - Gameplay mechanics unique to each Planet - Fun puzzles to solve - Multiple Bosses and Mini-bosses to challenge! - And many other things to discover (We are not going to reveal everything to you anyway!) • Note that the game supports Gamepads! Get ready to experience adventures beyond human understanding! Game link: Web (HTML 5) version Have fun and have a nice day!
  2. I'm working on a web project that involves embedding videos using HTML5's <video> element. While the basic video playback functionality is working, I'd like to customize the video controls for a more user-friendly experience. Specifically, I want to: Add Custom Buttons: Include custom buttons for actions like play, pause, mute, and fullscreen. Display a Custom Seekbar: Create a custom seekbar/slider for users to jump to specific video timestamps. Show Custom Video Time Display: Display the current time and total video duration in a custom format. Style the Controls: Apply custom CSS styles to match the overall design of my website. Could someone provide guidance and code examples on how to achieve these customizations with HTML5 video playback? What JavaScript functions and event listeners should I use to create and control these custom elements? Additionally, are there any best practices or libraries that can simplify this process? Your insights would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi! It's been a long time since I've been around here, glad to be back! I really hope you have a good time playing Power Solenoid, your feedback is really valuable. Let me know if you wanna know more about development, tools or anything that I can answer and no, I don't know the meaning of life, sorry. *** Links: Play Demo (Mobile, Desktop: Keyboard & Gamepad supported) 🎮 Steam Page ⭐ Trailer 📼 *** If you're interested, you can check more stuff I did over the years: Check more games! Thank you for passing by. J
  4. Are you a fan of Barbie dolls and makeup games? If so, you're in for a treat! Let me introduce you to Barbiemania, the ultimate makeup game that will unleash your inner stylist. Barbiemania is a revolutionary game that allows you to become Barbie's personal makeup artist. From glamorous red carpet looks to casual everyday makeup, this game offers a wide range of options to explore. Get ready to let your creativity shine!
  5. Tower Defense game focused on strategy with well-balanced levels Play a fun and challenging TD game focused on strategy and creativity. The campaign is designed to keep you entertained and sharpen your strategic skills. Website: https://www.hauntedtower.com Demo: https://morion4000.itch.io/hauntedtower App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/haunted-tower-td/id6443698472 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.morion4000.hauntedtower
  6. Good day, jus to say that I've created and published a new HTML5 game, it's called "Prisoner of the dungeon". It's an arcade game with a strong retro feeling in which you will have to help the prisoner escape from the dungeon, avoiding monsters and eating fruits. Play / get it for your platform here: https://gamemonetize.com/prisoner-of-the-dungeon-game More info about the game on its official website: https://pliski.com/en/prisonerofthedungeon/ I hope you like it.
  7. Check Out The New Game On The Block - TikTok Trends: Colored Denim. In this brand-new fashion game, players get to join three fashionable friends as they dress up in trendy denim pieces. Whether they are going shopping, customising their outfit, or even going on a daring mission to find the most fiercely fashionable item, TikTok Trends: Colored Denim provides an entertaining and stylish experience. Your girl gamers will love dressing up three fashionable friends, Savannah the avant-garde fashionista, Tiffany the stylish minimalist, and Isabella the cool-girl hipster, using trendy denim pieces! With a wide selection of must-have denim pieces like jeans, jackets, skirts, and shorts, girls are able to mix and match to create the look they desire. With each special TikTok trend, the wardrobe expands, giving them even more possibilities of creating that perfect outfit. From edgy ripped jeans and cool aviator jackets, to stylish patchwork jeans and distressed skirts, they can create an outfit that will help them stand out from the crowd. What's more, girls can get creative and unlock even more styles by creating outstanding makeup looks for each character. Share it today!
  8. Play the Strawberella Game here: https://prinxy.app/game/strawberella/ This strawberry princess-inspired dress-up game is sure to turn heads as it showcases an amazing fashion design challenge featuring a beautiful pink dress, a makeup artist challenge that will get you glamming up like never before, and an accessory extraordinaire challenge where you get to accessorize your looks beyond imagination. Play today!
  9. Hi HTML5 Game Lovers, We are Funfactive, an indie game studio from Hungary, Europe. We create fun HTML5 games for both mobile and desktop. Following you can see one of our games, Pizza Hunt. In this game you, a hungry visitor of an Italian restaurant have to collect as many pizza slices as you can. However that plate is en ever-rotating enemy who doesn't want you to eat too much. The more slices you collect the more difficult will be to get another one. Watch out for stars, try to collect them as they can give you some boost! Feel free to play our game and let us know your high score in a comment. We welcome any kind of feedback (both negative and positive). Play Pizza Hunt now: https://pizza-hunt.play.funfactive.com/ More about our studio: https://funfactive.com/
  10. Our brand new 2 person project Word Game is now available on Googleplay and iOS AppStore, and it was built using construct 3. We've added a ton of features, unlockable characters, and a variety of levels for players to complete. Below is a brief summary of our new game! Word Bravo is the ultimate word search puzzle game for anyone who loves brain teasers and word challenges. Embark on an adventure to discover hidden words in a variety of beautiful and immersive landscapes. Unlock over 150+ characters known as Wordies during your journey and collect rewards on the go! With hundreds of levels and thousands of unique puzzles, this game will keep you entertained for hours! Features: - 140+ Characters (Wordies) to unlock - 500+ Levels to complete - Over 37 Game Centre Achievements and in-game rewards to collect! - Daily missions and rewards to collect and earn - Challenge your brain and vocabulary! - Compete for the top in our global leaderboard Download Today on Googleplay and iOS Appstore! Googleplay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.haptic9.wordbravo AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/word-bravo-crossword-puzzle/id6445915364 The trailer for the app can be found here: We hope you check out our app and can give us some feedback.
  11. Play as a farmer who got tired of the hard daily work at the farm. Jump into the tractor and test its off-road capabilities. Drive up large hills and pass various obstacles to make to the finish. Play Tractor Trial 2
  12. Link: http://www.onlinedominogames.com/calomino Calomino is a maths puzzle for dominoes. The aim is to place all dominoes in their respective slots in the train by following mathematical clues. You also need to make sure that the touching ends of the adjacent dominoes match.
  13. Hello! The team and I released a mini-game that needs to be developed. To do this, we collect feedback on the game in order to have an idea of in which direction to develop it. I will be very grateful for your feedback. The casual game "PROJECT A-427" will test the player's patience and reaction. During the game, squares will appear on the screen that you need to click on to earn points, but you should not skip them, and also click on the red ones, as this will be considered a mistake. Game: https://www.garbalo.com/games/project-a-427
  14. Hey guys, As the title say, we're looking to buy .IO/multiplayer html5 games from game devs who abandoned their games or are looking to sell their game. Game must be good quality, bandwidth optimized, and we need to have access to Google analytics to see all the stats of the game before the purchase. We pay up to 5000$ depending on the quality of the game/stats. Please send us your games by PM / add us on Skype.
  15. Ride a motorbike and pass many complex obstacles on the track. Keep the trials bike balanced while overcoming obstacles and avoid falling off the motorcycle. Get to the finish in the shortest time to earn more score points and unlock achievements. Play Trials Ride 2
  16. Hello Community i make this post to talk about Gamedistribution and warning all developers about this site. take care when you start making money with them because they pay the first times and then just evade the payments even when im uploading 4 new games every month. I contact them but they just say we will pay you but never pay. I upload more than 50 games From 2017 to today and they pay me until MAY 2018. If you have similar issues please comment this post so we can help developers to dont give our hard work to this guys. Cheers
  17. Drive a monster truck and pass many challenging obstacles in Hard Wheels Winter. Balance the heavy vehicle while driving over snowy mountains and other cars. Play Hard Wheels Winter
  18. Drive a yellow taxi and park it into marked parking space. Park the taxi quickly to earn more score points and unlock various achievements. Play Park The Taxi 2
  19. Drive a large truck and park it into marked parking area in this 3D truck simulation game. Complete the task in shortest time to earn more score points and unlock various achievements. Play Truck Space
  20. Play It Now: https://cutedressup.com/game/celebrity-first-date-adventure/ Welcome to Celebrity First Date Adventure. Our favorite Celebrity couple planned for an adventure date. Both are excited and want to be more attractive. They need some expert advice. Browse their wardrobe and pick a cute outfit for them. Help the couple and make their date the most memorable one!
  21. Play It Now: https://playcutegames.com/game/bff-art-hoe-fashion Welcome to BFF Art Hoe Fashion. Ellie and her friends are weary of trying the same fashion. Today they planned to try something new. Yes! It’s Art Hoe fashion!. You join as a fashion expert and give a company to these girls in choosing their perfect outfit. Browse their wardrobe and pick a suitable one. Don’t forget to help them with their makeover. Play and have fun!
  22. I have completed writing my free JavaScript course (begun in 2011). It is in two main parts. The first is aimed at complete beginners to introduce the whole idea of programming. It shows how to get some simple examples working and introduces some HTML5 as needed to make a platform for running the examples. It covers some general programming concepts such as writing requirements and testing against them. Part 2 is a more systematic exposition of the language, up to some of the more recent capabilities such as local storage and image processing. It is available at https://www.grelf.net/jscourse/index.html That link is to a contents page so that those who already know some of it can jump in to any particular topic of interest.
  23. Hello everyone! It's my first post here and I'm very excited to be part of this community! For the past 3 weeks I was transferring John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt mini game from Unity to WebGL using PlayCanvas Web based Game Engine. It was a really fun project to work on with many challenges along the way. Here is the official build for you to play: https://playcanv.as/p/atVPbI8K/ I also created a public project in PlayCanvas in case anyone wanted to take a look on how I put everything together: https://playcanvas.com/project/917469/overview/john-lemon-public-project And lastly here is the official post on Twitter: I hope you'll like it! Enjoy
  24. Hello fellow game devs ?‍? Here is my HTML5 game “8-bit Pocket Wrestlers”, a parody of Prowrestling and Pokemons. Catch and collect pocket-wrestlers, make them fight and evolve. You will also have to solve funny (stupid) puzzles. Of course it will be funnier to you if you are into prowrestling. No copyrighted characters though, instead there are funny parodies, like Josh-Seenothing, the guy who can't see his opponents, Triple-Cylinder and his gang of D-generates bikers, B.C.-Punk the stone-age superstar, the Young-Geeks, 130 other ones, and I keep adding new ones from time to time. I actually made this game back in 2013 but never released it. It was my first RPG, and also my first pixel-art game. I made several other games, before and after this one, but never released them neither, it will be the first one that I share. Before I put it on GooglePlay I wanted feedback on it. It's pure javascript, no software or engine or library. You can play like a classic RPG with the keyboard or usb joypad or touchscreen joypad, or in 'point and click' mode. English, french and spanish languages are available. ( You can play for free and there is no ad, however you can't finish the game if you don't buy the complete version for 1.5 EUR / ~$1.77 . ) play in your web-browser or install the apk on android Please tell me what you think. Is the game too difficult or too simple ? Is the fight system too simple and boring ? Is a puzzle too difficult to solve ? How good/bad are the graphics and musics ? Is the free part too short ? Is 1.5 EUR too expensive for such a game ? And of course, please report any bug. (tell if you played online or apk, the name of your device and the version of its OS, and web-browser.)
  25. Drift Racing! Practice drifting, or go racing against other real people. I'm still developing the game (using GWT and WebGL4J). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Still to come is a track editor, and creating teams to go drift racing together. PLAY HERE >>> https://drift.team/ Happy drifting!
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