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Do you have licensing or some sort of permission from Tiger Electronics to do this?

Even if he/she did, it wouldn't be enough clear recreations of "Sonic, Goldeneye, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, Twisted Metal, Duke Nuk'em" games; there's no way the owners of these IPs will have given Tiger such discretion.

I suspect this is aiming to be a fan work; their is no loophole in the law for this as far as I'm aware, but as long as it isn't for profit companies usually don't bother taking action.

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There are about 100 titles I have ALL of them


What I Provide

1200dpi Scans of the game ON and OFF

Sound recordings of each sound used in the game

HD video of the game being beat

Manuals and Card Scans

Hi OP, I feel this is "recreation" rather than "preservation" - you are asking the dev to reverse engineer the game logic from a video reference and manual, without even being able to play the game they are recreating - I don't see this working well.

And also putting such a large number of games into a single agreement is asking for problems. Contract 1-2 games, 6-7 at the most with a view to extend the contract if both you and the dev are happy with the outcome.

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