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ticker example

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Here's an super basic example of using the shared one wrapped up using an ES6 style class.

class TickManager {
	constructor( settings ) {
		PIXI.ticker.shared.add( this._onTickEvent, this );

	destroy() {
		PIXI.ticker.shared.remove( this._onTickEvent, this );
	_onTickEvent( deltaTime ) {
		console.log( deltaTime );

It's a replacement for requestAnimationFrame for my usage. That way if I want to pause the game, I can just stop the timer. If for debug reasons I want to speed up / slow down the game, I can do it on the timer, instead of manipulating a rAF calls. And the positives of it being based on rAF is that if you minimise the browser, the timer is essentially paused until you maximise it again.


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