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Blurry text using custom font

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I'm currently using PIXI.Text with a custom font (preloaded in CSS using font-face), and it seems there is a blur effect around the characters.

I attached an example in a Div and in Pixi so you can see the difference.


I don't have this issue using a normal font like Arial. The custom font I'm using is this one:


I'm using it because I have to (project specific). Is there a way to remove the blurry effect ? :s





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You could try manually creating a PIXI.Sprite containing the text, and fiddle with the parameters to see what's going wrong.



1. Draw the text directly into a canvas element canvasElem.


var canvasElem = document.createElement("canvas");
var ctx = canvasElem.getContext("2d");

// I fix the width/height, but you can also compute it from the input string
canvasElem.width  = 100;
canvasElem.height = 50;

// e.g. "20pt Arial"
ctx.font = "your font's name";

// default values
ctx.fillStyle = "black";
ctx.strokeStyle = "black";
ctx.lineWidth = 0;

// pixi default, although usual default is "alphabetic"
ctx.textBaseline = "top";

// pixi default, although usual is "start"
ctx.textAlign = "left";

// draw the text
// the coordinates specify where to start drawing from
ctx.fillText("your text here",0,0);

// optionally, draw text outline too
// by default pixi doesn't do this
ctx.strokeText("your text here",0,0);

2. Load it into a PIXI.Texture and use it to create a PIXI.Sprite.


var texture = PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas(canvasElem);
var sprite  = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);

Then you can add the sprite to the stage, or wherever.

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After testing your custom canvas to narrow down the issue, I found the text is blurry with PIXI.Text only if I set the anchor value.


Knowing this, I searched the code when we draw the text with the anchor value and I found it inside PIXI.CanvasRenderer.prototype.renderDisplayObject and PIXI.WebGLBatch.prototype.update.

(displayObject.anchor.x) * -frame.width

The result of this operation can be a value with decimals. So I changed it to force an integer: (same thing for y/height value)

( (displayObject.anchor.x) * -frame.width) | 0

And for WebGL, instead of:

aX = displayObject.anchor.x;// - displayObject.texture.trim.xaY = displayObject.anchor.y; //- displayObject.texture.trim.yw0 = width * (1-aX);w1 = width * -aX;h0 = height * (1-aY);h1 = height * -aY; 

we should have:

aX = displayObject.anchor.x;// - displayObject.texture.trim.xaY = displayObject.anchor.y; //- displayObject.texture.trim.yw0 = ( width * (1-aX) ) | 0;w1 = ( width * -aX ) | 0;h0 = ( height * (1-aY) ) | 0;h1 = ( height * -aY ) | 0

I only did the change in my code for now. I will make a pull request on github later today or tomorrow.

The text still seems a little bit blurry in webgl but it's a lot better in canvas though.

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I don't think the drawImage in .renderDisplayObject should be changed.


Forcing integer values for the initial draw position could lead to jerky animation e.g. when a sprite it moved across the screen. It's better to take advantage of the inbuilt anti-aliasing for non-integer valued pixel positions.


Perhaps you could instead test whether "(displayObject.anchor.x) * -frame.width" is not an integer (similarly for height), and incrementally change the anchor so that it is?

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From the page you linked:




Note that this sort of optimization should no longer matter once canvas implementations are GPU accelerated which will be able to quickly render non-integer coordinates.


Canvas implementations *are* GPU accelerated now.

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