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Is tilemaps rendering too slow?

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I have the same issue with that example, the renderMap() function seems to be the one causing the fps drop.

I placed a count variable inside the rendermap() function and it gets to 1900 on every run. That's alot of looping for that little of a screen. runs better then

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People will tell you to use the phaser-tiled plugin, you can also try that or give my library a try.

I wrote some documentation on the wiki. If you like it and have some questions I'll be sure to answer them and update the wiki at the same time.

It is capable of a lot more than what I wrote on the wiki so ask and I shall answer.

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I have read the newsletter, im very sorry about the brexit, but @photonstorm didnt mention anything about the tile maps + WebGL shader :S :S

Quoting phaser 2.5.1 changelog (is this the fix for the tilemaps bug?);


Pixi Updates

Please note that Phaser uses a custom build of Pixi and always has done. The following changes have been made to our custom build, not to Pixi in general.

  • Removed _renderWebGL, _renderCanvas, getLocalBounds and getBounds from PIXI.DisplayObject, as they were only there to pass ancient jshint rules.

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