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Tom Atom

[Phaser] JumpTuber

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JumpTuber is another simple game made for Gamee platform. On mobile device click on left half of the screen for jump and on right one for move direction change. On desktop use Z and X keys.

JumpTuber is game to promote local youtuber Jirka Kral. During game other youtubers are either helping or trying to hurt him.

JirkKral01.jpg.21f493c8c4f2fe3cfa5eca16ccc104a4.jpg    JirkKral02.jpg.e7be8b4eb3b3e2b219e87016d4f7aec9.jpg

 You can play it here:


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On 9. 3. 2017 at 6:01 PM, DarkwallLKE said:

I have to ask how you decided on each of them and what ones to make good/bad?

 This game was work for client. They came with idea and they asked to implement this or that during process. This game promotes local youtuber (Jirka Kral = George King in english - therefore the crown in background). Other youtubers are his friends and their items are typical for what they are focused on - Gejmr is making Minecraft videos, so he is throwing pickaxe... For me it was like from another world as I am far from youtubers generation :-)

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