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Question about scene.getAnimatableByTarget - I'm failing to find a table for an animation I know is in scene, and the only reason I can think why it's not returning is because the animation has been loaded, but not started/stop. Does getAnimatableByTarget work on all tables, or only active ones?

Many thanks.

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:)  Fun with terminology.  :)  TG... an animatable has nothing to do with a 'table'.  It is an animate-able target/property.

Now, about that other thing... good question.  scene.animations?  Perhaps that contains ALL scene animations, whether they have been started or not.

I once knew LOTS about BJS animation system, but I forgot it all.  heh

There is also a scene.Animatables property.  Hmm.  I wonder if it REALLY uses a capital letter 'A'.  :)

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