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Drag from point which was clicked

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the reason why bunny pops to cursor position is bunny's anchor point. You need to store offset and use it while dragging bunny

function onDragStart(event) {
    // store a reference to the data
    // the reason for this is because of multitouch
    // we want to track the movement of this particular touch =;
    this.alpha = 0.5;
    this.dragging = true;
     this.offX = this.x -;
     this.offY = this.y -;
function onDragMove() {
    if (this.dragging) {
        var newPosition =;
        this.x = newPosition.x + this.offX;
        this.y = newPosition.y + this.offY;


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I still couldn't get this to work the way I want. It would also be great if some of the examples could be in TypeScript. I think my issues might be around that and the 'this' context with callbacks.

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