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2.2 is out:


  • Major updates
  • Updates
    • Adding layerMask to lensFlareSystem, spritesManager, particleSystem (deltakosh)
    • Adding emissiveAsIllumination and reflectionFresnelFromSpecular for StandardMaterial (deltakosh)
    • Adding isEnabled for ProceduralTexture (deltakosh)
    • Compression supported for raw textures (deltakosh)
    • New TonemapPostProcess. See demo here (deltakosh)
    • New options parameters for Box, Sphere, Plane and Ground. See demo here (deltakosh)
    • Added per face UV and Colors options for CreateBox (jerome)
    • Added darkness support for soft shadows (deltakosh)
    • Added scene.getLensFlareSystemByName() (deltakosh)
    • Added LensFlareSystem.setEmitter() (deltakosh)
    • Added Color3.FromHexString() and Color3.toHexString() (deltakosh)
    • Added Color4.FromHexString() and Color4.toHexString() (deltakosh)
    • Added mesh.computeBonesUsingShaders to allow developers to disable HW skinning for low end devices (deltakosh)
    • Added material.disableDepthWrite (default is off) (deltakosh)
    • Added material.alphaMode (default is BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_COMBINE, can be set to BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_ADD, *_SUBTRACT, *_MULTIPLY or *_MAXIMIZED ) (deltakoshjahow)
    • Added Animatable.reset() function (deltakosh)
    • New parameter for ArcRotateCamera.zoomOn to preserve maxZ (deltakosh)
    • PickingInfo.getNormal can now use either vertices normals or vertices positions (deltakosh)
    • Meshes can now support uv2, uv4, uv5 and uv6 for ShaderMaterials (deltakosh)
    • Panning support for ArcRotateCamera (julien-moreau)
    • Vertex color and diffuse color can now be mixed (deltakosh)
    • Depth-of-field improvements PR (jahow)
    • Engine now initialize WebGL with preserveDrawingBuffer = false by default (deltakosh)
    • withEpsilon with a user defined epsilon PR (RaananW)
    • Adding onAfterRender function in BABYLON.PostProcess PR (julien-moreau)
    • Improved shaders optimizer to remove specular code when not needed (deltakosh)
    • Added some utility functions to Vector2/3/4 PR (jahow)
    • Added split angularSensibiliy into X and Y for arcRotateCamera PR (Remwrath)
    • Added function getFrontPosition(distance) for Camera PR (dad72)
    • New rawTexture.update function (robgdl)
    • Changes to meshes transform baking and added flipFaces PR (jahow)
    • SerializeMesh serializes a mesh or array of meshes to be imported with the loader's ImportMesh optionally including their children and/or parents. PR PR2 (RaananW)
    • onCollide callback for meshes calling moveWithCollisions. PR (RaananW)
    • Unity Exporter now uses game object name as the Babylon.js mesh name, instead of mesh name which is not unique when dealing with primitive objects (cubes, spheres, planes, etc..) (ozRocker)
    • Path3D construction : new raw parameter, if true returns a non-normalized Path3D object (jerome)
      • Added Vector3.RotationFromAxisToRef() : same as RotationFromAxis() but assigns a reference (jerome)
      • ComputeNormals optimization : less object allocation and normal array initialization (jerome)
      • Ribbon : closePath parameter now creates a smooth seam (jerome)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixing bug with rig cameras positioning (deltakosh)
    • Instance meshes' geometry ID is now serialized correctly. PR (RaananW)
    • Bug fix at set numberOfBricksWidth PR (Polatouche)
  • Breaking changes
    • In LensRenderingPipeline: parameter dof_focus_depth (range 0..1) is deprecated, usedof_focus_distance (range 0..infinity) instead (jahow)
    • Cylinder Mesh complete reimplementation for better normals (jerome)
    • RotationFromAxis() : fixed the dot product case outside the range -1, 1
    • Path3D : fix wrong normal/binormal due to normalization approximations (jerome)

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