How to make Slot games for Online casino?

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Hello Community !

I am a newbie and i want to start building an online casino which will have all user management i.e cash in cashout and update features. 

And many slot games to play with it with a fixed logic. I.e rtp 

Please help me how can i do this project? 

Everyone's help is appreciated !

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I'm not sure you'll get a decent answer from a single post, its a complex subject and as soon as currency is involved it gets a lot harder.

Technically the front-end stuff is fairly easy, its all the integration with services and the security and correctness that is the issue, and that stuff can be very difficult to get right.

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Hi. I used to have an ambition like you do. I am burned out due to my immature initial plans and ideas. Maybe it was a whim. I was not even thinking about dealing with real money because of not only legal reasons but also other technical issues. Needless to say, you can easily cheat those games by using browser's console.

Now I am thinking of something else innocent and way scaled down without any serious cash transactions involved and possibly feasible.

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