How to make Slot games for Online casino?

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Hello Community !

I am a newbie and i want to start building an online casino which will have all user management i.e cash in cashout and update features. 

And many slot games to play with it with a fixed logic. I.e rtp 

Please help me how can i do this project? 

Everyone's help is appreciated !

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I'm not sure you'll get a decent answer from a single post, its a complex subject and as soon as currency is involved it gets a lot harder.

Technically the front-end stuff is fairly easy, its all the integration with services and the security and correctness that is the issue, and that stuff can be very difficult to get right.

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I actually wrote a pretty decent slot machine years ago in my Flash days. If I can give one piece of advice that is make sure everything is handled on your server code including what the winning combination is going to be.

Although what I wrote wasn't for a Casino, it was used for offering contests on websites and it was something I sold to people who wanted a slot machine for their website. At the time all the back-end code was in PHP with a Flash front end.

I think that like any other game where data is sensitive you just need to make sure the client can't corrupt your data.

With that said, if I still have it on my archive when I get home next week, I'll try to remember to post the source code up here for you. It's really old (~13 years or so) but it may be helpful.



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Thank you for your input. I tried your method. My solution was to use php session to keep track of credits. I tried video poker instead of slot machine, just because I was also interested.

If anyone is interested, please have a look at my sample which I made open source. Playable demo is also available at

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