How to make Slot games for Online casino?

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Hello Community !

I am a newbie and i want to start building an online casino which will have all user management i.e cash in cashout and update features. 

And many slot games to play with it with a fixed logic. I.e rtp 

Please help me how can i do this project? 

Everyone's help is appreciated !

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I'm not sure you'll get a decent answer from a single post, its a complex subject and as soon as currency is involved it gets a lot harder.

Technically the front-end stuff is fairly easy, its all the integration with services and the security and correctness that is the issue, and that stuff can be very difficult to get right.

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I actually wrote a pretty decent slot machine years ago in my Flash days. If I can give one piece of advice that is make sure everything is handled on your server code including what the winning combination is going to be.

Although what I wrote wasn't for a Casino, it was used for offering contests on websites and it was something I sold to people who wanted a slot machine for their website. At the time all the back-end code was in PHP with a Flash front end.

I think that like any other game where data is sensitive you just need to make sure the client can't corrupt your data.

With that said, if I still have it on my archive when I get home next week, I'll try to remember to post the source code up here for you. It's really old (~13 years or so) but it may be helpful.



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this is very useful, thank you! I am a webmaster for several online casino affiliate programs. I would add that checking some of the more popular online casino reviews sites for player complaints can be very helpful before choosing an online casino. The most common issue is long payout times. Sometimes weeks to months before players actually receive their winnings. Using Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method greatly improves cashouts to almost instant, but when dealing with bank wires, or checks there is often a long wait, and contacting anyone in accounting can be difficult. You may check The first requirement of a transaction is to know who you are dealing with. Therefore, if online casinos do not disclose who owns and operates them and where they are, they must be avoided. 

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