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[Phaser] Pendulum

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Hi everyone,

I want to share the first game I've made using Phaser! While it is fully playable, there is still plenty of room for improvement. In case you like it and want to contribute, check out the GitHub repository. The game code is released under the permissive MIT License!


pendulum - A physics-inspired 2D browser game for both mobile and desktop that involves an alien swinging from a rope to avoid obstacles in randomly generated, fully destructible levels.


Click here to play!


There are currently 100 randomly generated levels, based on a Python script using Perlin noise. The levels are implemented not as sprites, but as bitmap graphics, and a custom routine handles the collision of the alien's rope with the surrounding level. The bitmap-implementation also allows the player to completely alter/destroy the level! This feature may however create some performance issues, especially on older mobile systems. On mobile, the game is controlled by the touch of just one finger, while you need one button and the mouse on desktop. See the GitHub page for more information on the project.

As this is my first gamedev-project, I am happy about any feedback, suggestions or complaints you might have! :)

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