What is the best way to organize work with designer?

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For example when you work with html, designer can create animations with css and scene template with html.

And programmer just need to implement some game logic over it.

There is a similar workflow with Unity.

Is it possible to organize something like this with Phaser and split work between designer and programmer?

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Hi @ptol

If you are talking about graphic designers then you don't need any special tool, you can start making the game with demo images and then replace them with the final images, keeping the same names. Even in Phaser the assets are identified with a key so you can always change the name of the image but keep the same key.

Now if you are talking about a designer that is going to work on compose the levels the Phaser Editor is a good choice. You can create prefabs of the elements of your game and let the designer to create the levels.

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