play another sprite when currently playing sprite's reaches to some specific frame

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I have 2 sprite animations. Once first one is played, via below function I'm checking frame index (which frame is currently playing). When current frame is my desired frame, I want to play another sprite.


Below is my full code:

firstSprite.visible = true;
firstSprite.animations.currentAnim.enableUpdate = true;'firstSprite', 14, false);
firstSprite.animations.currentAnim.speed = 80;

firstSprite.animations.currentAnim.onUpdate.add(function () {
    if(firstSprite.animations.currentAnim.frame > 5){
        secondSprite.visible = true;'secondSprite', 30, false);
        secondSprite.animations.currentAnim.speed = 60;
}, this);

On desktop in a browser it works perfectly, but on mobile devices it is being stucked and once frame is greater than 5 (if(firstSprite.animations.currentAnim.frame > 5){...}), then it stops at that frame and doesn't continue to play first sprite. Is there something I'm missing.


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