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Hi all,

I'm feeling pretty dense here, I'm just having a play with Phaser Editor and I'm running in to some issues.

I can't seem to add a Prefab Sprite or a Group to the main canvas.

So I'm creating a sprite via New > Sprite Prefab File (lets say it called MySprite), I drag MySprite from the assets panel on to the Main canvas.

When I run in the browser the console just come up with "Reference Error: MySprite is not defined"

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for looking!

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I think the problem you have is that you should load the MyScript.js file into the game. You can do it with a script tag in the index.html file (as you do in any website), or by adding a script asset to the assets-pack.json file.


Tell me if it works for you.



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