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Found 19 results

  1. I'm using the Phaser Editor (newest version, 1.5.3) to make a game, and the "Run Phaser Project" button won't work at all, nothing happens when I click it when my project is open. The internal browser option works but it doesn't seem to have a console log, which I need to be able to see. I have no idea what's going on, is this a bug? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, Our company develop simulations of aircraft systems. We are looking for developers that use Phaser Editor, and has knowledge of Typescript or Javascript and Phaser. Also we will provide you our own framework for developing easier and faster. It's a fully freelance job and we will give you only deadline. Payment method is open to negotiation. You can check our examples here: http://www.flycoglobal.com/B737schematics/ExteriorLightingLocations/ http://www.flycoglobal.com/B737schematics/BleedAirSystem/ http://www.flycoglobal.com/B737schematics/HydraulicPowerDist/
  3. Hi to everyone here, I'm new at phaser editor. I code in Typescript. I want to create a class and import it in level.ts. Bu I got "Uncaught ReferenceError: exports is not defined" message at browser's console. My code is this: ///<reference path="ShapeControllerHTMLV1.ts" /> // -- user code here -- /* --- start generated code --- */ // Generated by Phaser Editor 1.4.3 (Phaser v2.6.2) /** * Level. */ import { shapeController } from "./ShapeControllerHTMLV1"; class Level extends Phaser.State { constructor() { super(); } init() { this.scale.scaleMode = Ph
  4. Hi all, I'm feeling pretty dense here, I'm just having a play with Phaser Editor and I'm running in to some issues. I can't seem to add a Prefab Sprite or a Group to the main canvas. So I'm creating a sprite via New > Sprite Prefab File (lets say it called MySprite), I drag MySprite from the assets panel on to the Main canvas. When I run in the browser the console just come up with "Reference Error: MySprite is not defined" Am I missing something here? Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi everyone, Despite I made changes on Level.canvas virtually, level file isn't changed at all. Even after I restart the application, I see updated version of Level.canvas but the level file remains the same.
  6. Hi, 2017 is ending and we want to share with you the plan we have for 2018. Phaser v3 Yes, to support Phaser v3 is the main target of 2018. What we are going to do is to keep supporting both Phaser v2 (with the Phaser Editor v1 series) and Phaser v3 (with a new Phaser Editor v2 series). This means that we are going to develop two different products in parallel, Phaser Editor v1, and Phaser Editor v2. In terms of licenses, it keeps the same, you will be able to unlock any version of the editor with the same license key. Phaser Editor v1 Right now, Phaser v2 is the re
  7. Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released Hello, A new version of Phaser Editor is available. In this delivery we include: New Text object. Different type of prefabs: Sprite, TileSprite, Button, Text. Improved preview of Atlas (tile, list and texture view modes), Image, and Spritesheet. Brush-like selection of sprite-sheet frames. Local website with examples and code. Internal web browser for a quick game run (experimental). Better HiDPI icons support. Read the release notes. Best Regards Arian
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had trouble using the http server that is supposed to be installed with the phaser editor. I can absolutely install and configure another server, Node, IIS, apache, but I am evaluating the software for purchase so I wanted to use all of the features. When I click on the globe.. it generates a path with a random port and the url to the files but there is an exception. This is Microsoft windows 10, The error is element not found, and when I try to run from the configuration manager I get exception occurred running command and the following stack. Excep
  9. Hi, We just published an article about how to install TypeScript IDE inside Phaser Editor. This allow you to create Phaser projects with TypeScript support and edit/compile the TypeScript files. Read the article here
  10. Hi, we are happy to announce a new (preview) release of Phaser Editor! There are a lot this time: The so waited MacOS support! Visual prefabs (sprites and groups). Visual editor support for states and preloader states. Some TypeScript support. Assets refactorings (great for larger projects) New Project wizards with more options (like include demo assets or use TypeScript). Updated Phaser Editor demos with prefabs and multi-levels. Git UI integration. And lot of fixes and enhancements. Many of them requested by Phaser Editor users (that'
  11. The Phaser Editor has an Texture Atlas editor, but it seems I can only create a new atlas file and put individual frames in it. I have an existing texture atlas json file and existing texture atlas image. Is there a way to import this into a texture atlas generator file?
  12. Hello All, I apologize in advance for the wall of code. Also, thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to take a crack at this. I'm having a very specific issue which I am guessing is an issue with my implementation and not the library. I am using Phaser Editor with Phaser CE as my framework. Last week I began working in prefabs into my game using extended sprites as per this example. The prefabs are separate scripts which are included in index.html. Everything has worked well except for a peculiar bug which is that when my player prefab overlaps a group which is being
  13. First and foremost, I want to thank the devs for making Phaser Editor, it's amazing! I'll definitely be purchasing it on my next paycheck (if my company doesn't expense it). For a bit of background I'm new to web-based game development (and web programming as a whole), and Phaser Editor is my entry point! That being said I come from a background as a Unity developer, and so I apologize if many (if not all) of my questions relate more to Phaser and js as a whole and not Phaser Editor in particular, but I'm hoping for the way to best do things using Phaser Editor. These questions are asked ha
  14. Hi, Phaser Editor v1.1.3 is released! As usual, after a Phaser release we update our editor, so in this version we support Phaser 2.4.7. There are other good stuff and improvements, please read the release notes in our blog: http://phasereditor.boniatillo.com/blog/2016/04/release-113 Arian
  15. New Phaser version? New Editor version! It is our philosophy and compromise. Phaser Editor v1.1.2 bundles the recent Phaser build (v2.4.6) in addition to other useful updates like: Embedded Java run-time (now Phaser Editor runs out of the box) New set of project templates based on the Game Mechanic Explorer examples. Integrated (offline) Phaser documentation and Editor documentation. New selectable appearance (native and dark themes). Improved JavaScript libraries (now supports ECMA5 and Browser APIs). Chains, Phaser examples project templates and Phaser
  16. Hi, The last version of Phaser Editor is ready to download! This is a Release Candidate version (Phaser Editor RC 15.11). This time we are also releasing new great stuff: The website was reworked with a new look.We created a blog to keep you updated and write about the great features around Phaser Editor.In the blog you will find a quick start guide to help you with the main tasks. This guide includes 8 video demos.The subscription form was moved to a professional website so we can give you a better newsletter.This release is an evaluation product but with no expiration date, it just sh
  17. Hello there. I want to present you an assets manager tool for Sublime Text and Brackets: Phaser Editor. Yes, Phaser Editor is a complete editor by itself, but it does not mean that you, lover of sublime, brackets or whatever editor, cannot take advantage of many of the tools bundled in Phaser Editor, specially the Asset Pack manager. (You can go straight to the article: http://phasereditor.boniatillo.com/blog/2015/11/phaser-editor-with-sublime-text ) This is not a new concept at all, I am pretty sure you are not creating your draws with sublime, else with an specialized tool like inksc
  18. Hello, Today I released the commercial version of Phaser Editor and opened the source code (MIT) in Bitbucket. Read more.. Best regards, Arian
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